Following in our mantra, Almond Essence believes that what we apply to our skin is equally as important as what we place in our mouths. If a product isn't edible, then it doesn't belong on your skin. Our products contain all natural and often times organic ingredients and they always will. Whipped in small batches and packed by hand, you will experience the home crafted difference. Trust us, your skin has never been nourished quite like this. 

Our Story

It all started  in 2012 with a mixer, experimenting with home made batches of hair and body cream. One day my mother commented, "when are you going to start selling this stuff?" After getting the approval of friends who loved the scent and testing of preliminary batches, I was confident that this hobby needed to become a business. By 2014, Almond Essence was officially launched with the help of the same friends. My hope is that you are as thoroughly satisfied with this product as I am proud of its creation. 

- Dene`